Let's do an experiment. Please try to learn the following word list:

Bear, cucumber, fox, armchair, beet, dog, chair, radish, bed, sofa, pumpkin, rabbit, tomato, monkey, carrot, lamp, cow, broccoli, table, mouse, salad, dresser, desk, horse.

When reproducing the word list most people will group these words, for example they first will recall the animals, then the vegetables and then the furniture. Studies provided by Bower, Clark, Lesgold and Winzenz (1969) showed these mnemonics to effectively improve the memorizing of words.

How to categorize:
  1. Create new lessons so that they contain groups.
  2. Mix two lessons and when learning consider in which category a word should belong.

Example: You can mix a lesson containing words for the topic fruit with a lesson containing vegetables. When learning consider whether a foreign word belongs to the fruits or to the vegetables.


Software supporting this mnemonic: Category, Puzzle.



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